Room rates

Single € 99/night
Twin/double € 126/night
Extra bed € 42/night

Single 87 €
Twin/douple 110 €




 Kiteenhovi Restaurant serves delicious food made by skilled and dedicated chefs using local ingredients. Our food has been said to be the best in town. Come and taste for yourself!

A buffet lunch is served from 10.30 am to 2.30 pm on weekdays. Our lunch menu changes weekly. An à la carte menu is available at other times.

We also operate a catering service on request.

Hotel is open:

Mon-Thu        9 am-9 pm

Fri                  9 am-1 am

Sat                 12 am- 1am

Sun                12 am- 9 pm


Kitchen is open:

Mon-Fri          15 am-8.30 pm
Sat                12 am-8.30 pm
Sun                12 am-8.30 pm


A la carte
Starter salad € 6.50
Lettuce, roasted seeds, mango, peppers, cucumber and small tomatoes. Toasted bread.
Chicken mozzarella salad € 14.00
Grilled chicken tenderloin, mozzarella, lettuce, roasted seeds, mango, peppers, cucumber and small tomatoes. Toasted bread.
Vegan salad € 12.00
Crispy fried tofu, lettuce, roasted seeds, mango, peppers, cucumber and small tomatoes. Toasted bread.
 Champion smoked reindeer soup € 10.00 / € 13.00
complimentary bread from the house
Smoked salmon pasta € 16.00
Smoked salmon in a creamy sauce, pappardelle pasta
Chicken pasta € 16.00
Chicken fillet in a tomato cream sauce, pappardelle pasta
Crispy perch fillets € 28.00
Crispy fried Pyhäjärvi perch, artichoke puree, dill sour cream and lightly fried vegetables
Fried vendace € 17.00
Butter-dill potatoes and a salad
Workers pork cut € 21.00
French fries, fried apple and onion
Beef steak € 28.00
Beef tenderloin, dark rum sauce, french onion, wedged potatoes
Hunter's bread € 18.00
Pork steak with toasted bread, mushroom sauce and a green salad
Salmon bread € 18.00
Fried rainbow salmon on toasted bread, fried egg, crab-lemon mayonnaise and a green salad
House beef burger
€ 12.00 with one steak, € 15.00 with two steaks, cheese + € 1.00
Beef steak, bacon, tomato, iceberg lettuce, marinated red onion,mayonnaise, french fries
The pizza includes sauce, cheese and oregano.
Halving, toppings, changing fillings, gluten-free base (not for family pizza) +1.50 €
Pizza dough made at a local bakery.
Ham, pineapple, blue cheese
MEAT POWER € 12.50
Ham, minced meat, pepperoni, cheddar cheese
MIXER € 12.50
Salami, bacon, minced meat, peppers, onions
PARADISE € 13.00
Chicken, peppers, shrimp, feta, olives
HOT POWER € 13.00
Kebab, salami, jalapeno, pickles, garlic sour cream
Salsa chicken, bacon, watermelon, jalapeno, cheddar sauce, guacamole
Fresh mushrooms, zucchini, pineapple, small tomatoes, red onion, vegan cheese, arugula
HOT SOLEX € 14.00
Kebab, salami, jalapeno, onion, kebab and garlic sauce
Air-dried ham, fresh mushrooms, small tomatoes, olives, mozzarella, arugula, pesto
Smoked salmon, Smoked veal, red onion, peach
FANTASY € 14.00
Four optional fillings


Four optional fillings